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Our Story

Precise & pristine is known for providing exceptional, competitive and quality service at affordable rates. Since 2018 Precise & Pristine has been trusted by clients to maintain cleanliness of their homes and businesses.  After experiencing the inefficiencies that exist in the domestic services industry in Sierra Leone, our founder Mrs Aminata Sesay created Precise & Pristine to combat unprofessional and lack of discipline in the domestic industry. Our cleaners are background checked, I.D. and biometrics taken making them trustworthy of working in any luxury and busy environment.

Precise & Pristine was built on the foundation of benefiting and helping others. Whether it is helping you with your home, lifting your burdens of daily tasks or helping ordinary people in this economy to put food on the table. We are here to be of service to others.  We believe in executing things to perfection. We work until you are happy and do everything precise. We value perfection, all though nothing in life is perfect, our cleaners come pretty close when working for you.  


Our hands-on approach to personal service, means we work closely with our clients. We aim to meet our client’s expectations, practice consistent high cleaning standards, and build our schedule around their convenience. The services we deliver can be classified into residential and commercial cleaning services. We provide maid services, house, corporate offices, airbnb, events, gyms, and school cleanings, too name but a few. Clients  can schedule appointments  either through phone calls or through online scheduling for the same day or future dates. It will take 3 hours maximum, to reach your place after the booking on the same day.

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Our Mission

At Precise & Pristine our mission is to create happy homes by providing dignified, flexible work at decent pay to our employees ; and providing a hassle-free and reliable service that gives time back to our clients. We strive to be the most reliable and efficient cleaning service, without compromising on quality. We also aim to maintain our business relationship with clients by consistently exceeding their expectations. Our mission is to deliver the finest cleaning services in Freetown through the hiring and training of only the highest quality people available in our industry. We pledge to provide the most professional and reliable cleaning environment possible, through the use of quality cleaning products and practical methods. It is imperative that our company stays on the leading edge of cleaning practices so we can go above and beyond for customers.

Core Values

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Dignified Work

Our clients are given a professional cleaners equipped with sufficient training, experience, and skills to bring about an extraordinary cleaning experience. The staff utilises the right equipment and procedures for the variety of services that our company offers. We demonstrate a high level of organisation and experience in this industry, that we pass on to our employees. We guarantee that our cleaners are well-trained, professional, reliable, trustworthy, polite and neat.

Our cleaners have great influence over their schedules and can dictate where and when they would like to work. The positive effect on our staff’s lives is something we are especially proud of as our cleaners come to work relaxed , with 86% of our staff being primary breadwinners at home. Out of the dozens of cleaners we’ve given work opportunities to 96% were previously unemployed while the 4% were underemployed, making real different in the work force.

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